EP007 – The 2016 EDGYS

Losing My Edge brings you the 2016 EDGYS, celebrating all the best nonsense and entertainment from the year that was. Join Kris & Rose as they attempt structure in a show with much difficulty.

EP004 – The Kris Gale World Tour

On this week’s episode: We recount the extensive world peace relations tour that Kris Gale has just returned from, featuring: Hayden James & The Muz, Deep Shower, Berghain and the line of doom & much more!

EP002 – The Hiddleswift Era

On this week’s episode, Kris and Devola discuss: HiddleSwift vs Kanyashian, Sven Vath and preoccupied DJing, Pokemon GO, The Warcraft movie, teaching kids how to gamble with video games – and Kris breaks Devola’s heart with a Cure concert.