EP012 – Stand Up! For Danny Giles

Having steered a season of commercial radio around the park, Rose & Kris return to the scene of many crimes that is Losing My Edge and they invite screenwriter and comedian, Danny Giles, to inspect the body. Inevitably, the talk turns to necrophilia. Less inevitably, Andy Kaufman, flying plastic spoons and those damn Chipmunks (with added Chipettes) also get a run.

EP010 – Hayden James Unplugged (Part 1)

Our old mate, Future Classic Recording Artist, Hayden James, drops in to the Felixdome and immediately dominates proceedings. We get to hear what his life is like, what his creative process is kinda like but, most importantly, what Katy Perry is really like.

EP009 – Like Glenn Lazarus Rising

If a rugby league  player can get sufficiently distracted that he or she ends up as a parliamentary senator, then it will come as no surprise that Rose and Kris can get waylaid by a shimmering opportunity in commercial broadcasting. Finally, they make it back to the Felixdome as they apply the pads and gel to Losing My Edge and get rolling again. Club Talarico. You will not be forgotten.

EP007 – The 2016 EDGYS

Losing My Edge brings you the 2016 EDGYS, celebrating all the best nonsense and entertainment from the year that was. Join Kris & Rose as they attempt structure in a show with much difficulty.

EP004 – The Kris Gale World Tour

On this week’s episode: We recount the extensive world peace relations tour that Kris Gale has just returned from, featuring: Hayden James & The Muz, Deep Shower, Berghain and the line of doom & much more!