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EP023 – The Pete & JR Show (JR asks why is he listed second)

DJ Felixx has nothing on Peter Koller and John Roby who completely take over this episode of Losing My Edge. In Ep024, Part 2 of the appearance of this famous comedy duo, we guarantee some really funny stuff. However, Part 1 takes a left turn and becomes a meditation on the lives of middle aged men in the 21st Century. You may not laugh but you will be moved (possibly along to another podcast.) Try to enjoy.

EP022 – The DJ Felixx Show

Rose and Kris were keen to talk a real live Battle Of The Sexes witnessed at a Biffy Clyro show and whether the third Avengers movie passes muster. But they have had to concede most people listen to get an update as to what’s happening in DJ Felixx’s world. Find said update in this episode.

EP021: Wrestlefest Special

Kris is away sorting out the problems with the Australian cricket team so Rose hijacks the show. He talks all things wrestling and the upcoming Wrestlemania with two of Australia’s best wrestlers, Robbie Eagles and Mick Moretti.

EP020 – Club Talarico. The Entertainment Capital Of The World.

20 episodes deep, Rose and Kris journey to sit at the feet of their spiritual guide and mentor. Unfortunately, Hulk Hogan was unavailable so we are joined by Alby Talarico, mein host at the palace that is Club Talarico. Have a listen and you will hear the tension between Alby & Felixx. It’s palpable.

EP019 – Losing My Edge Unplugged (except for Amplified Felixx)

Rose & Kris decide to go commando and leave the guests alone for once. They wanted to return to their roots – is Black Panther a movie or a state of mind? – but DJ Felixx is in the ARIA Dance Top 10. Top 10! Come on now!!

EP018 – Going To ‘The Next Level’ with Rachel Corbett

Beyond losing their collective edges, Rose & Kris have gotten in way above their heads in interviewing Rachel Corbett. With a media CV the envy of her peers (and Rose & Kris), Rachel is the current Director Of Podcasting for Mamamia and the host of “You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere”, a podcast where you hear how people got into showbiz and which has just been added to Virgin Australia’s in-flight entertainment schedule. Something the boys can only dream of. The next level. But not as they meant it in Heaven’s Gate, the latest cult to get a run on the show.

EP017 – Robbie Eagles v Losing My Edge: The Rematch

Rose & Kris climb up off the canvas to have at it one more time with Aussie pro wrestling champ, Robbie Eagles. The question remains: who is the heel and who is the babyface? The answer lies under the ring (along with the chairs, ladders and sledgehammers).

EP016 – The Champ Is Here. Robbie Eagles v Kris & Rose in a 2-on-1 Match. Pt.1

The Sniper Of The Skies, Robbie Eagles, joins us to take us through his Australian professional wrestling career. Suffice to say, Robbie holds more belts that you’ll find in a deluxe people mover. And the following contest is scheduled for two falls. Keep an eye out for Part 2.

EP015 – That’s Felix With An x, Make That Two xx

If you are going to do a retrospective on 2017, it was only natural that Rose & Kris would go the source that is Felix Bray AKA DJ Felixx AKA The Man That Time Did Not Forget.

We review the evidence in front of us and try and work out – Did we lose our edge in 2017? The answer may surprise you.