About Us

Two aging punters desperately try to make sense of the shifting sands of a diffracting popular culture.

Presenters: Devola (Sydney house music legend [self-proclaimed]; Canterbury Bulldogs DJ)
Kris Gale (AKA The Godfather; Fire Up! flame keeper [self-diagnosed])

Subject Matter: We have reached a tipping point. The water cooler has shattered and all you can do is let popular culture ooze over you.

It is the era of the tastemaker, the curator, the soothsayer. Devola and Gale are none of these things but they can report what they see and hear as they get swept away in the rip.

What is a Miley Cyrus? Are the staff at Jurassic World doing their jobs poorly? Who should really be performing at the NRL grand final?

All of these questions and more will be answered by your hosts, Kris and Devola.

Having both been involved in the Sydney entertainment industry for longer than they like to admit, join them as they try and grasp on to whatever remaining knowledge of youth culture they have in their new podcast, “Losing My Edge”.

Kris and Devola, being in their 50s and 30s respectively, are able to deliver a wide spectrum of subjects and references. The main focus will be around music, film, TV, award ceremonies and current entertainment events, with a chance of light sport banter in the west.