EP030 – I’ll Have a Conco & The Fudge Sundae (with Soylent Green Topping)

Kris & Rose are set to call the next big PWA wrestling show, Colosseum, so they check in with Conco & The Fudge about what to expect. Warning: Clothes are removed and everyone is wearing luchador masks.

EP029 – Felixx Comes Alive! All Right, Sydney!! You Wanted The Best,…!!!

Rose & Kris are ushered side of stage to see DJ Felixx bring it to the Ministry Of Sound at Sydney’s Ivy Nightclub. We capture all the action and probe Felixx accordingly as his rise to the peak gathers momentum.

EP028 – A Voice Of Reason

Rose & Kris are about to start the show with an embarrassingly clean sheet when they are bailed out by Liam Flanagan from Triple M’s Rush Hour With MG. It’s great to see how a pro does it close up. And Liam is full of great ideas for new podcasts to follow.

EP027 – PWA Call To Arms: It’s Our Calling Too

Things start out pretty normal as we interview PWA’s very own Robbie Eagles and Madison Eagles about the 11th anniversary gala that is PWA Call To Arms (11 August, Max Watt’s, Sydney). But when the studio door is thrown open, chaos ensues as the most polarising phenomenon in Australian wrestling makes their presence more than known.

EP025 – Nothing Succeeds As Planned

Felixx opens up the mikes and we get immediately distracted by the fact that LCD Soundsystem came out of retirement, raising the inevitable credibility discussion. Cue KISS & Johnny Farnham anecdotes.As a result, we don’t get to any of our prepared topics. Not one.

EP023 – The Pete & JR Show (JR asks why is he listed second)

DJ Felixx has nothing on Peter Koller and John Roby who completely take over this episode of Losing My Edge. In Ep024, Part 2 of the appearance of this famous comedy duo, we guarantee some really funny stuff. However, Part 1 takes a left turn and becomes a meditation on the lives of middle aged men in the 21st Century. You may not laugh but you will be moved (possibly along to another podcast.) Try to enjoy.

EP022 – The DJ Felixx Show

Rose and Kris were keen to talk a real live Battle Of The Sexes witnessed at a Biffy Clyro show and whether the third Avengers movie passes muster. But they have had to concede most people listen to get an update as to what’s happening in DJ Felixx’s world. Find said update in this episode.

EP021: Wrestlefest Special

Kris is away sorting out the problems with the Australian cricket team so Rose hijacks the show. He talks all things wrestling and the upcoming Wrestlemania with two of Australia’s best wrestlers, Robbie Eagles and Mick Moretti.